Kindergarten Hoops

2020 – Spring Information: 4/1 – 5/27 (8 Weeks)
*Off 4/8
Wednesday League (Games) 4/1 – 5/27 | $249
Games to be played at both Highwood Rec & North Shore Academy

Tuesday Foundation (Optional Skills Practices) 4/14 – 5/12 (5 Weeks) | $100

Wednesday games are between 4:00-6:30PM.  The Wednesday League will begin with 2 group practices to review skills and concepts and 1 Team Practice to teach offensive and defensive concepts.  Group practices are separated by 1.) School and 2.) City.  After the final group practice, teams will be created and a game schedule will be emailed for weeks 3-10.

You may also add optional Tuesday Foundation Practices either @ the Berto Center (4:00-4:50PM) or @ the Highwood Rec Center (4:10-5:00PM). You pick the location!

Space is limited. Each week ball-handling, layups & shooting will be practiced in a high-energy setting.  Maximum repetitions of each skill is our goal at Foundation.  Foundation practices are highly recommended!

In an effort to make the season as fair and fun as possible, Team FSA will only guarantee 1 mutual friend request. Group practices will be constructed by schools. Teams will be created based on 1.) Mutual friend requests 2.) Fairness and equality of playing ability.

Online Registration Coming Soon!