Travel-Prep, 3rd-4th

2020 – Fall Information: 9/1 – 10/15 (7 Weeks)
Tuesday & Thursdays, 9/3 – 10/15 | $295
Games to be played outdoors @ Decoma Day Camp

Tuesday and Thursday games are to be played between 5:30-7:30PM. All games will be roughly 50 minutes in length.  An initial schedule will be sent no later than 8/28.

 The 3rd-4th Grade Travel-Prep League BEGINS with more intense skills and drills practices.  Players will play on regulation 10′ rims.  Groups will range between 12 to 16 players max per court and stay consistent as we transition from skills to games. Your child’s grouping will be created by 1.) Skill-level 2.) School and 3.) City.  After the initial couple weeks of skills practices, groups will transition to game-play.  Players will be given a reversible jersey they must bring each week to be separated into teams for game-play.

This league is next progression from our 2nd-3rd grade house league.  Players will be pushed mentally and physically.  Playing-time and positions are NOT rotated equally.  This program is meant to help players prepare for travel basketball.

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