FSA Families: 

Our Fall Season is just around the corner. We are excited to return to the basketball court and camp fields! Fun is our specialty, but rules #1 and #2 are SAFETY. Many of you are wondering what safety protocols and measures FSA will take to make sure coaches, players and families are staying safe. Please continue reading below and learn more about the Illinois Department of Public Health’s “Sports Safety Guidance” and how FSA is prepared to provide your son a safe sports experience this Fall.
Basketball & all camp activities are considered a medium-risk sport by the IDPH, which allows for no-contact training, as well as intra-team scrimmages with parental consent. Unfortunately no competitive-play is allowed, which means our traditional league structure where teams play a full schedule vs. other teams is not allowed. 
All Fall programming will be outdoors and be drop-off only. Please contact us before the program starts if your son has a medical condition or may require the use of medical equipment as we will have a strict no spectator policy. Upon arrival, players must have their face covered and temperature taken from the carpool line. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 will not be permitted to the program and should follow CDC/IDPH self isolation protocols. 
Once players are admitted, they will be directed to their court and begin to play. When playing, face coverings are optional. However, if at anytime players are sitting out they are required to wear a face covering and social distance. 
The IDPH allows up for groupings of up to 50 persons. As an extra layer of precaution, FSA has reduced that group sizes to 12-16 players. Your child will be in a static group for the entire Fall Season. Within your child’s group, players will be given reversible jerseys to mix and match teams for scrimmage and game-play ONLY within their static group of 12-16. NO GROUPS WILL EVER BE COMBINED. *In an effort to minimize exposure, group will consist created by mainly of 1.) Schools and 2.) City.
Our full-time FSA staff will wear a face covering 100% of the time and refrain from direct physical contact, unless safety is a concern. Players will hand sanitize multiple times each practice/game. For training, players must bring their own basketballs. For game-play, all basketballs will be sanitized before and after.
Once the program ends, groups will have a no-contact break with their coaches, then cover their face and head to pickup lines. In the event someone becomes ill at program, they will be isolated and monitored by an FSA staff until they are picked up.
We are confident the IDPH’s “Sports Safety Guidance” and our extra safety precautions will ensure your son has fun this Fall, but most importantly, stays safe! In addition to the IDPH’s guidelines, we have also implemented CDC and ACA protocols we have witness first-hand to be extremely effective for our children safely returning to play. For a full overview of Illinois’ Safety Guidance, please click HERE.