4th - 6th Grade Hoops

The program will begin in December with group practices. We will practice, 12/5, 12/7, 12/12 & 12/14 before Winter Break, then return in January with one more practice 1/9. Teams and a game schedule will be sent after 1/9 Thursday games are between 6-9PM. In an effort to make the season as fair and fun as possible, Team FSA will only accept 1 mutual friend request. Group practices will be constructed by schools.

Games will primarily be played on Thursdays, with an occasional Tuesday.  We will conclude with playoffs and and a Championship Game!

Teams will be created based on 1.) Mutual friend requests 2.) Fairness and equality of playing ability and 3.) schools/city.

Sorry, there is no 4th-6th Grade House Options in Spring 2018.