K-1st Grade Hoops

2024 Spring Information: 4/7 – 5/19 (6 Weeks)
Sunday League (Games) 4/7 – 5/19 | $195
Off 5/12
Program will run @ the Back Gym of the Berto Center

Tuesday Foundation (Optional Skills Practices) 4/6 – 5/25 (8 Weeks) | $245
Kindergarten Foundation practices are located at Highwood Rec, Holy Cross or Sachs Center from 4:00-4:50PM
1st Grade Foundation practices are located @ Highwood Rec, Holy Cross or Sachs Center from  4:50-5:40.

 Sundays BEGIN with group skills practices to teach fundamentals and team concepts.  Groups will range between 15-25 players. After initial group skills practices . . .

Kindergarten groups will be created and the time will remain the same each week.  We will spend the initial 10 minutes practicing skills, the split into teams for game play.

1st Graders will be separated into teams and play a league schedule with games rotating between 9:50-12:20PM, depending on number of participants/teams. All games will be roughly 50 minutes in length.  An initial schedule will be sent no later than 3/27

Your child’s group/team will be created by 1.) Friend-Request 2.) School and 3.) City.   Players will be given a reversible jersey they must bring each week to be separated into teams for game-play.

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